3. 1. 2019

Starting 1st January 2019 we are changing our CRM system, due to this reason some billing changes occur.

  • Invoices issued after 1st January are issued by new accounting sytemm (FlexiBee) - invoices have a new look.
  • VS is now identical with the clients number, therefore please use your client’s number as reference. The SS will no longer be listed on the invoices.
  • Payments will be automatically assigned by the bank account number first to the oldest unpaid invoice.
  • From 1st January we do not support the PayPal transfers.
  • From 1st January we do not (temporarily) support the payment via Sazka - SuperCash terminals. In case we will support this option in future we will inform you in advance.
  • All info sms (issued invoice, payment confirmation and reminders) will be temporarily sent from  772 727 527