16. 3. 2020

Dear clients, 

due to the national quarantine we have adopted following measures:
  • our priority is the supply of services to existing customers, for this reasoon we will primarily take care about operation amn maintenance of our backbone network and connections of existing clients.
  • we will not set up services for new clients
  • we will do on-site support only in exceptional cases, provided in a contactless way as much as possible, especiall by phone / email
  • in case of outage of home / client network, we will supply preset devices (routers), which the client connects himself
  • in case of outage in the wireless connection (mainly family houses), the antenna replacement will take place primarily by accessing from the outside

Generally in case of (internet) service outage, we recommend that you do not try to fix installed device (routers, antennas, etc) yourself. We recommend just to unplug the device for a while (at least 30 s) than plug it back. If the connection will not recover afterthat, thna please contact us by phone or email. We will avoid unnecessary on-site trip in this cases

Thank you for your understanding The FuturNET team