Invoices for services provided by FuturNET can be paid in several ways:

  •  transfer

All needed data for transfer are stated on the invoice, that is sent via email. All the invocies are also available after login in the client zone.

In case you preffer to use standing order,  you can quote only SS (= your client number) and you can leave out the  VS (= variable invoice number).

  • direct debit

To set up direct debit is necessarry do following steps:

        1. At your account, enable debit payments to FuturNET account - 403319104/2010 (Fio)
        2. Tell us the number of yor account from which the direct debit is to take place.
  • SuperCash terminals

This payment mathod is recommended in case there is any overdue invoice. The payment is credited to our system in 30 minutes and the service is  automatically restored. Payment can be made at any  SuperCash terminal.

  • PayPal
  • cash payments (exceptional cases)

Payment in cash is possible after the client arragne an appointment at our office -  Jašíkova 1533/4, Praha 4 - Chodov