FuturNET before the FuturNET, s.r.o. was established provided most of the services only on invoicing basis. After the FuturNET, s.r.o. was established we have decided to provide all services only with regular contract. This is required also by  Act No. 127/2005 Coll. on Electronic Communications. Requirements on contract are stated in §63 section 1.

After the FuturNET, s.r.o was established we started to issue contracts to former clients. These clients, who were provided services by Mojmir Kalny IC 70778957 will sooner or later recieve "Agreement on termination of electronic communication services" together with new contract with FuturNET, s.r.o.


To issue new contract we need the client's date of birth. We did not have this in our client data but this is a requirement for contract (see §63 section 1 of above stated Act). All data stated in the contract are confidental and FuturNET, s.r.o. does not provide it to a third party unless there are legitimate reasons.